08 March 2021

15 Minute Challenge Quick Quilt 2 begins

 How has your week been.  We have had a long weekend and its been good to spread the weekend work out over another day.  I've been busy sewing trying to get a present finished for one of my girlfriends and I put the final stitches in place today.  I had a 6 out of 7 week but probably doubled the amount of time in my sewing room over the last 3 days.  

Hopefully I will get to meet up with friend soon, we are waiting on one of the girls to recover from her 2nd lot  heart surgery over the last couple of months before we meet up.  

Both the kids got through their first week at Uni, the was a mix up with one of Maestro's classes which he has decided to drop and pick up at the end of the degree.  Mo didn't like her Drawing teacher but loved all the other classes especially the illustration & animation classes.  

We head away for the weekend we are attending a wedding at Clare and have booked in for a couple of nights so we don't have to rush home.  Mo's boyfriend's band have their  first official gig at The Gov next Saturday night they did a test run a couple of weekends ago and Mo said they were pretty good.  

The one thing I can show you this week is my progress on the 6day Kids blanket and the beginning of the next Quick Quilt which is all cut out and I have started sewing.  

So how did your week go.  

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Kate said...

Sounds like relaxing but busy weekend. Glad both college students got off to a reasonably good start. I like the colors in your second quick quilt. Happy stitching this week.