01 March 2021

15 Minutes and A Uni Start

Mo started Uni today.  Last week was orientation and she went with her Dad on the train, unfortunately he decided to walk her into the Uni which she wasn't very impressed with.  I told him to go straight to work from the train today she didn't need an escort.  

Most of the end of last week we were doing a mad rush to get all the art supplies they wanted her to have for the first week.  The local Art Supply shop is moving locations and will be closed for a month so I really hope she doesn't need any more stuff that we can't pick up from a normal office supply shop.  

Monday is the one day where her and her boyfriend classes finish at the same time so they came home together sounds like everything went well.  She is only doing 3 classes this semester and the rest of the class hours is taken up with Studio time.

She also bleached the bottom 2/3rds of her hair so she could put in a funky colour, she is sporting pink hair, it looks pretty cool.  I had 2nd thoughts when I was driving her to work but the supervisor said she liked it so all was good.  She has been getting asked to fill in the last 3 weeks so most weeks she has 2 shifts which gives her a bit extra money.  She is saving for a kiln.  DH is worried about how much that is going to cost to run.  I told him it will be a while before she can afford it so don't stress too soon.   

She has been making things with polymer clay for a couple of years usually earrings.  Here is her latest its to go on a necklace and is based on one of the succulent pots, she is always propagating.  Someone has already snapped this up at least it is someone local so we don't have to worry about postage logistics yet.  


Well what have I been up to.  Gift sewing... still not finished, finished binding on Quick Quilt 1 and more crochet.  I got a big delivery of wool this week which I needed to sneak into the house the parcel was kind of huge.  

I am going to need to spend more time in my sewing room to this gift finished there are lot of steps and I'm not even halfway to getting it together.  

So how has your week been? Check out the crew at Kate's to see if they met the challenge.  

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Kate said...

Sounds like Mo is off to a good start at Uni. Love her succulent pendent, very cool. Hope you can find some stitching time this week to finish off your gift, or at least move it along a bit.