22 March 2021

15 Minute Challenge and a week gone in a blink of an eye

 I don't know where last week went, of course it was shorter because of our mini break, work was pretty busy and I was a bit unwell with either a bug or the end result of the antibiotics because of a sinus infection so I blinked at it was gone.  

Thursday I decided to stay home (mostly) and make the blocks for the next quick quilt.  I did some in the morning had a nana nap in mid afternoon then went and finished the blocks.  I was able to put them all together over the weekend so I have a quilt top finished ready for quilting.  I'll need to get wadding this week.  The pattern will be available around 15 April from the BOM page.  

A couple of weeks ago we contacted the local Art Society, they hold pottery classes and offer a firing service for members.  I joined Mo up and she had a couple of things fired in the last week and we hope to pick some mugs that have been sitting in the pottery shed for weeks.  Where we were getting her pieces fired bumped her latest pots for a few weeks because they had commercial jobs to do. We finally got those pots on the weekend but they had had them a month.  The Society has done both firings in a week and they seem pretty friendly, it will probably take Mo a few visits to warm up to them but I think they will be a great resource for her.  

Here are the pots she made for my birthday, I need another plant but ones already potted.  

Hows your week been I did manage a 7 out of 7.  Think I will be doing more crochet this week I'm getting close to the of squares of the Granny Square Flair sampler (then there are 6 more repeat blocks).   I've decided I like using cotton rather than wool for crochet so I will be keeping that in mind next time I purchase yarn.  Probably need to get through the big stash of  wool to crochet in the mean time though.

Head to Kate's to see how everyone else is going.  

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Kate said...

A very and bright quick quilt. You made good use of your day off. Hope thing slow down a bit. Work has me a bit frazzled. I'm supposed to take Friday off, but we'll see. The meetings are showing up on my calendar faster than I can prep for them. Mo's pots turned out beautifully. Hopefully the new place will be much faster at getting her things turned around. Have a great week.