19 April 2021

15 Minute Challenge and a couple of finishes


I finished the quilting and then the binding of Quick Quilt 2 on the weekend.  I even finished the binding in one night which would have to be a record for me.  I really wanted it done and dusted so that must have put some speed in my needle.  

I also finished the cross stitch band for the Christmas pin cushion I was working on.  I have started another cross stitch project from the kits I received last year and want to use the space on this piece of linen to work another pin drum from the same pattern book.

I managed to get the water stain out of the linen which means I have a bit more space to work with.  I'll leave making both pin cushions up until the new cross stitch panel is done.  

Below is a bag that I made for one of my girl friends birthday.  It was weeks in the making.  DH call's it the million dollar bag as it took quite a number of weeks to finish.  It was also a million dollar bag because it took a lot of fabric and the bag wadding wasn't cheap though the finished product looked very professional so worth the expense.  I've just ordered some more bag wadding so I can make myself one and maybe a couple more for my other friends, I'm hoping that the 2nd and 3rd times won't be as difficult because I will kind of know what I am doing but I'm not holding my breath on that.  

It was a 7 out of 7 week.  I feel that in the coming weeks I'm going to be needing my 15 minutes of chill time with needle, machine or crochet hook.  So how did you go?  Check outs Kate's page.  

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Kate said...

Very bright, fun and useful bag! That does look like it was a lot of work. Congrats on all the sewing time this week. Hopefully the up tick in work load doesn't keep you from regularly playing with needle and thread.