05 April 2021

15 Minute Challenge and Happy Easter

 How has your Easter been? Have to say mine has been pretty great.  Lately all I feel like is that I'm rushing from one place to another but Easter has been a real slow down and recharge, just what I needed.  

This week was another 7 out of 7.  I've done some crochet, quilting and the last couple of days I have taken out some cross stitch.  I also bought a couple of easter kits from the Crewel Goblin (which will have to be for next Easter but that's ok.  

I was waiting on a shipment of fabric markers that didn't arrive for my quilt so I got out my karisma pencil and a pounce pad to mark the feathers on the quick quilt.  I was a bit scared when I started marking the quilt with the pounce pad and it didn't iron off (as instructed).  I then tried it on some scrap and got it out by washing it so I sort of using the two methods to mark it as I go and filling in some of the areas with some echo quilting.  I was hoping to have it finished this weekend but I don't think that is going to happen.    I'll either do a bit at night next week or leave it to the weekend.  

Yesterday DH and I went for a long walk, following the local creek then up to the beach and along the beach nearly to Henley then back to Grange.  We stopped under the shade of the trees by the jetty to cool down before walking home its been lovely and warm.  Only the pub was open so there weren't a lot of people hanging around the area like there usually is on a weekend.

I got out my Christmas cross stitch, I only have the band to finish.  I should have enough linen left over to make another pin drum from the Blackbird Design book that was used for the cross stitch club last year it was one that I really liked and it never made it to the list of projects.  I have 3 more projects from the club to finish one I wasn't going to do so I will use the threads for that project on the drum.   One of the other projects is supposed to be an oval box, but i may make it into and egg like the cross stitch projects I have ordered and have a little nest of them for decorating next year.  

We went a saw Mo's pictures at the SACE Art Exhibition on Thursday, she was so nervous about seeing her work on display.  She's been a bit stressed about some of her work at Uni, doubting herself and worrying about the workload, I think she will settle down after the first semester she still is very much still trying to find her feet.  In fact she is coping a lot better than I thought she would for all the new different experiences she is facing.   I expected a lot more tears, OCD and anxiety to be showing than there is.  The first term of school is always hard for her I think she is getting better at it.  

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Kate said...

Congrats on all the stitching time last week. Hopefully this week has been as good. The beach walk looks lovely. It's just now starting to warm up a bit, but now we are back to the cold/rainy stuff again. Congrats to Mo on the exhibit, those are some pretty impressive drawings.