14 November 2022

15 Minute Challenge & Almost down for the count

 My 4th sinus infection for the season had me down this last week.   The other three I have managed to get over without resorting to going to the doctor with just saline flushes but after 3 days of high temperature and splitting headache and with no signs it was going to let go I headed to the Drs for the dreaded antibiotics.  Within 24 hours I was on the mend and so far thanks to probiotics and plenty of yogurt no side affects (fingers crossed).  

There wasn't much progress on the crochet front, I did finish a couple of motives for the Persian tile blanket but when I went to take a picture I found a couple of mistakes which has resulted in quite a bit of unpicking including one of the first octagons I finished because it was missing 2 rows.... don't ask me how I missed that.  So you just get a progress shot of the motive I did manage to finish then stitched to the group all wrong which was the first bit of unpicking this afternoon.  

I think this motive is my favourite colourway of the blanket.  

Here is a picture of what I think is a day lily.  We got a random pack of bulbs from the Royal Show a couple of years ago with no clue what they were but they flower every year so they are a winner in my book even thought the flowers only last a day there are usually lots of them one after the other.  

No news on the house hunting front in fact this week has been downright depressing in that regard.

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Kate said...

Sorry for the sinus infection, glad the antibiotics worked quickly. At least you found your errors now and not after you'd already added a lot more blocks. Hope you feel much better this week and have time to play with thread and yarn.