22 February 2009

A return to childhood

Last night I didn't feel like watching the box and sewing, so when my son had gone to bed and husband was busy doing work on the computer I decided to get out the sketch book again and work on the design for the quilt that is in my head.  The other day I had done some preliminary drawings so I combined them into a bigger piece to get the feel about how the design will come together.  Then when I had finished the sketch I decided that I would get my new paints out and have a play with some colour.  

I must say it was 3 hours of pure bliss finishing this.  The ipod was plugged in I listen to an endless array of music and just made art.  I don't think for one minute that it will win awards but I had fun creating.  I would always draw as a kid and I think it only stopped when I became a teenager and became more  judgmental about myself and my abilities which didn't meet my expectations so I stopped (how stupid we are we we are young).  

Off to buy some more paint brushes this week I think some more pages just might get filled while I am home with the tonsil boy.


Rustic Tarts said...

Wow Amanda - that is gorgeous!
In the preview pic I thought that it was some lovely fabric that you were going to be showing us and I was hoping you were going to say what it was called. But it's your artwork - well done!

Leanne said...

That looks great Amanda, I can't even make stick figures look realistic.