06 February 2009

New Toy

Got myself a new mobile phone the other week.  My old one (which was less than 12 months old had a few issues apparently and mine had about all of them lol).  So I bit the bullet and got one a bit more upmarket that does more than I need.  The one thing I love about it is the camera which is pretty good and takes reasonable pictures (as good as my old digital camera before I got the SLR) so it will be handy for all those picture opportunities that I come across and find myself without the big guy.  The one thing that I wanted it to do was to download my calendar from my mac and I was assured it did that, but guess what it doesn't do it to a mac only from a pc  so I ended up spending a couple of hours going from apple help to nokia help (continually in a loop) to finally emailing nokia and finding that it didn't do it though previous models did but they do not have any plans for software to be written  ughhhhhh.   So I have to manually put my appointments in the phone as well as the mac but I can live with that ... the written diary just doesn't work or me you have to look at it and take it with you.  Having the alarm go off is great so this year I shouldn't miss any hair appointments, lunch dates or drs appointments etc lol.

Don't you love it when the kids pull a face when you are taking a photo.  Lighting was pretty bad as the house is shut up for the heat which we are expecting again today but we are looking forward to a week of mid 20's next week HEAVEN.

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