01 February 2009

Yes it's Hot Here

Like everyone else I am over the heat but it looks like its going to continue till next weekend.  I am afraid the pool is no relief the water is like a bath now.  We are only letting the kids out early morning and late evenings for a swim and a quick dip in the middle of the day and they have to stay under the shade.  I am not bothering as I think a quick cold shower gives more relief.  We have aircon but it is struggling and at least we haven't so far had any blackouts unlike others her in Adelaide and Melbourne. 

A couple of weeks ago I sent of the first birthday swap for the year.    Here it is, I used hand dyed embossed velvet, lace, organza, grunge board, calico, vintage images and Lutradur to make the cobweb effects.  I had quite a bit of fun putting it all together and one or two sleepless nights over it.


Sue said...

WOW!!! Well done on the birthday swap .... it looks gorgeous!!!! Try to stay cool .... I am definately over this heat!!!! Cheers S

Erica said...

Amanda I absolutely loved this pressi...I can't tell you enough!!! You did a beautiful job and its something I'll treasure forever. Did you get the idea out of a mag and if so what sort of mag????