19 February 2009

Is there a Dr in the House

I don't know if I have mentioned this but my son is scheduled to have his tonsils out next Friday and we have been battling to stop tonsilistis since the operation was scheduled. Last week he got what I thought was a cold, he had a day off and I thought that he was on the mend then he came home from school on Friday he complained that he was cold, so I upped the dose on the preventative antibiotics the dr had given me as it was too late to get him back to the dr and he doesn't work on the weekend. By Monday he was getting worse so back to the dr and he has a chest infection as well as the tonsil problem.  So know he is on stronger antibiotics and ventolin, last night he still had a fever but this morning he has sprung out of bed and is getting ready for school so maybe we have turned a corner.  Now we just have to clear up that cough by next week and hope that the tonsils don't flare up again.

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Rustic Tarts said...

He'll be a new boy after the op. I was an adult when I had mine out, after suffering tonsillitis at least once a month (or more) for most of my life. Hope you keep him fit now until the big day.