23 June 2009


Telstra came  good yesterday and "temporarily" fixed my phone line the temporary will become permanent I am sure but at least it is fixed for now.  Was going to look into VOIP phone but as I don't make overseas or many interstate calls I don't think it is going to be worth it still going to have to pay the VOIP provider a monthly fee which will mean the bill will be more than what I am paying telstra.  It will probably be better just to use my mobile more so that I use up all the credit on it each month.  So for now with Telstra I'll stay.

The finally of the title is for the final 2 blocks of Truly Scrumptious that finally came after I was promised them at the end of March by a quilt shop who will remain nameless for ever and their name never to be uttered again by me or in my presence again.  I now know lots of lovely quilt shops that are well organised and are able to send their BOM's out once a month instead of taking 2 years to finish a 10 month series and I will never be doing a BOM with fabric ever again though there is one on the fat quarter shop that is truly tempting will have to think very hard about that one I will try and be strong.  

Finally is also for the Swiss Cotton iron on that I use for my stitcheries that Hetties was finally able to source and I got 3m just in case I run out again (I know I am ridiculous but I have none for 2 months and I was getting desperate).  

Well have to run we are off to the Dentist for some emergency teeth extraction for my son which promises to be an eventful afternoon.  One of his baby teeth cracked a few weeks ago and we thought it was just the enamel turns out it has split vertically and he has managed to jam in up the gum grinding his teeth in his sleep.  Why can't he be like his sister who as soon as one is slightly wobbly she works at it until it is out, he won't eat on them or touch them in any way and they hang on for months.  So there is my fun afternoon planned out might have to stop in at borders and see if there are any Stampington Mags in.. just to get me through it...  


Lynda said...

A friend of mine had dreadful trouble with a certain shop over her Truly Scrumptious BOM - she only received one block, no phone calls or emails were answered. Such a shame because it takes away from the joy of making the quilt. If I like a BOM design I buy the whole set of patterns and use as much of my own fabrics as possible (always good to add to the stash).

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back. Glad you have finally received all your Truly Scrumptious - we shall never mention that shop again! I have joined a new BOM with another shop and loving the one time deliveries. Catch you soon. Teresa