24 June 2009

So Long Ago...

Last week it seems so long ago I went to Brisbane for work, but first I got to visit with my sister who lives just less than half way between Brisbane and Toowoomba.  

She has a small property for her first love horses and she has a few and I think most of them are in foal at the moment.  Apparently they are special horses... they are just horses as far as I am concerned and as long as I was not required to touch them I was quite happy.  Here are her babies and one of the pregnant mares.  

Her dog Tucker and a friend who my Dad dug up while getting rid of a woody weed. When we were kids she had a couple of green tree frogs in an aquarium now they sit on her window sill in swarms (what is a collection of frogs) so I guess she is over them).  I didn't take photo's of the 3 cats which live in the house...how come cats know when you don't like them and hang around like a bad smell.

And the last photo was the scene in the morning.  Brisbane had a cold snap while I was there and there was frost in the morning, Qld people thought it was freezing at 21 degrees during the day as Adelaide was nearly 10 degrees cooler I thought it was lovely.

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Leanne said...

Looks like you had a nice visit with your sister. I love green tree frogs.