28 June 2009

Should Be

I am sitting in my sewing room and I should be sewing strips together but instead I am surfing the net which I must stop doing and just get on with it. I was reading a couple of Belle Amoire Jewellery Editions that I got last week and they have given me so many ideas creatively that I don't know where to begin. Of course it will mean collecting a few supplies which as I am heading to Loxton in two weeks really isn't an option at the moment. I also got an old copy of Stampington Workshop with some great how to's on using Bees Wax. Too many ideas buzzing around at the moment maybe I should just journal them for later getting my ideas on paper might get them a bit closer to happening.

I have been doing my Jewellery Class at WEA and it wasn't quite what I thought it would be, it was a bit hands on but the tutor did all the soldering and hard stuff so I felt a bit like it was only half the story there is also a lot of chemical involved and a huge setup cost she also runs classes from her home but the cost is pretty high. I don't think working with precious metals in this form is it for me, I have finished a pendant and my bangle so I am not going to go back next week (the Friday night time was a bit of a nightmare from my husbands point of view) and you know there is usually a pain in the but in every class well I can usually tolerate them but this one is driving me nuts. Belle Armoire has a lot of jewellery using pmc which I think will be more my style just have to see if there is a tutor in Adelaide.

Also toying with the idea of setting up a Etsy Shop for my jewellery... that is probably a way off. The jewellery above is a couple of pieces I made one was my good friend Sue's birthday the other was for a birthday swap. I worked on another piece this weekend for a friend which is similar to the Friendship piece but it has Swarowski crystals in it instead of the wire mesh.

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Vivian said...

Your jewellery is so eye catching, so original. I have to tell you I get nothing but compliments when I wear your Endurance necklace! Get this, today I gave a lady at the bank your blog name so she could come look! LOL...your quite the hit in up here.