07 June 2009

Perfect Circles Perfect Day

Lately my working week has been a bit haphazard and I must say that I am suffering for it and don't know whether I am coming and going.  I am afraid I have come to like having a regular routine so I know what I should be doing and on what day.  But with Tonsils and work courses and the boss going interstate my weeks are all topsy turvy for a while yet so I had better get use to it quick smart.  All this preamble brings me to Friday which is usually a working day for me which means I miss out on going to my daughters assembly once a fortnight.  Luckily I didn't work Friday and my hubby decided to have the day off and we went and saw the assembly which my daughter's class was hosting so she had to say a few words and then gave out certificates with the principal.  The last time I saw her do this she was a total mess (might have something to do with the teacher she had last year) but she did a fantastic job. 

After the triumph of the assembly my hubby suggested we go for a meal down the road.  Now one thing we don't lack is a place for a meal (3 pubs within a couple of kms and Henley Square with at least 6 restaurants probably more) but he wanted to go to the Henley Pub because of the all important $5 Imperial pint fortunately the food is great and service is good.   I had lovely Lamp Steak which was very yummy and he had a Parmy and of course the Imperial pint.  We usually eat outside but it was a bit cold so we stayed in.  It was nice to have a stress free meal without kids to worry about... why are meals always such a battle.  

Now to the sewing front as you can see I am powering along with Little Blue birds.  I have finished the applique on two of the embroidered borders and thought I would get started on Circles for the flowers on the first border. A few weeks ago I bought this handy little notion from Ozquilts. They are mylar plastic which you can iron to make perfectly round circles ready to applique.  The instructions say to use magic starch I just used a bit of spray on stuff and the circles are perfect.  Of course there isn't one small enough for the flower centres and Maree is all out of the small circle kit.... bummer ... so I had to use cardboard which didn't work as well and you can't use the start as that makes the cardboard all soggy (yes I tried...idiot).  The sizes go from 2.5 to 4.5 inches and you get two for each size so you can do a production line thing going.    Now I need to prepare stems for the flowers and then I can get stitching these borders.  

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Leanne said...

Sounds like a nice day. Don't mind the Henley for a meal..... nearly all our meals are child free these days.