19 June 2009

Hello is there anybody out there

Telstra in there infinite wisdom has cut off my phone and therefore internet so I have been a little bit quiet for over a week.  Out of desperation (needed to do the footy tips and send some work off) I went to the local library and lo and behold they have free wireless.   And all I needed to do was register and my Mac did the rest (love the mac you don't have to be a geek to get it to work). Email isn't quite working smoothly but I can live with that.   

I have lots of photo's to share but will do that when Telstra pull there finger out, my mobile phone bill is going to be out of control this month ... as I am not with Telstra I don't get any freebees in that regard more grrrrr.  I finally lost my cool today when they gave me the 5th change of when it was going to be fixed so now it is COB Monday...what's the bet they ring and change it again.... Might be spending a bit more time at the library on the weekend.


Lorraine said...

Good on the library! Councils get a lot of bad press but do provide some good services!

Leanne said...

You can always call in here to up load your snaps. Good old telstra. I love the library.