02 December 2011


I started Christmas shopping yesterday in between nail and massage appointments.  Actually I started 2 weeks ago when I ordered an Imac for me the kids/family which arrived yesterday.

I have had a Macbook for a few years now, and the kids use Mac at school and they are forever jumping on the Macbook because its better and its the same as school.  Well the pc has been making noises for months and I am just waiting for it to give out at any given moment so I have been putting my pennies together for a few months and wanted to give it to them for Xmas.  However, hubby has decided we just need it now (problem with getting email to work from work the other day when he was trying to work from home did it).

So the big box that is sitting under my bed will probably come out to play on the weekend and I will probably have fun transferring data from the pc over to the Mac.


Leanne said...

Another toy to play with.

Shay said...

I like the playing part but the setting up part I leave to Mr. P and tell him to call me when it's done. Have fun!

thea said...

Good luck with the transfer .. hope it moves over without a hitch. Nice Christmas gift .. just a little early.

Kate said...

I like the playing, but I'm with Shay, I hate the set up part.