30 December 2012

The Year that was 2012

One day of the year to go and I have been thinking about doing a post for a couple of days now, tonight I had a bit of a brain storm and I thought it might be a good idea to do a wrap up of the years creativity.  I am seriously think about what to do with the Seabreeze side of my life, it has been a pretty hectic year work wise (my real job that pays for Seabreeze I mean) and I don't think next year will be much better.  Though Seabreeze keeps me sane I think I will seriously have to consider working more hours next year and that will mean there will be less time for Seabreeze.  Having said that, this year I was going to cut back and I think I did more than ever.


 The first finish for the year.

Blueberry Botanicals BOM started with Quilt Fabric Delights and was featured for a couple of months in the Shop's Ad in Homespun.


I started the Mixed Media Kit of the month.  Unfortunately I didn't keep up with the projects, but I now have a great selection of mixed media bits and pieces and I have signed up for next years kits which will be on canvases and 6 weekly so I have more time in between and I might be able to fit it in this year fingers crossed.  

I made this nick nack box for my mate Helen for her birthday.
 I finished my first ever x-stitch sampler.

and this smile cushion


March must have been the month for UFO's because I think just about every picture I have looked at is still not finished.  


Luckily for Sarah there were some finishes in April


May saw me working on xmas in July Projects and the first free for a month project.  


Saw the finish of the xmas in july projects and another free project for the month started.

So there goes the first half of the year, come back tomorrow to see if I kept up the pace for the 2nd half.  


Leanne said...

Lots of finishes there and only 6 months. More real work urrrrr.

Kate said...

Love your photographic tour of the first half of 2012. Such pretty projects (even if they are all not quite done).

It's not working more that gets me, I can usualy squeeze in 15 minutes a night even when I'm working longer hours. It's the Drama Teen activities, like weekend long volleyball tournaments that put a damper on my sewing.

Shay said...

I’d forgotten how lovely your Cross Stitch sampler was . It almost inspired me to make one of my own (note I said almost!) You did a lot of embroidery/stitching last year and it was all so pretty!

Love that cushion too....

Happy New Year to you and yours Amanda.