16 September 2019

15 Minute Challenge and back to Green Tea and Sweet Beans

I've been hit with a head cold, I've been taking everything I can to get over it quick Sambucol and some other supplements to knock it on its head.  I don't want Mo to catch it as she fly's out this Saturday.

This weekend we did more last minute shopping for the trip, this time a spray jacket and more Yen.  We found out during the week that Japan works more on cash than credit cards and not all credit cards may not work, though Mo has a travel card with Yen on it so hopefully that will be ok.

Its been a 7 out of 7 week, even with the head cold and japan trip running around.  Border No1 got finished and then I had a little break from Springtime Romance and did a block for Green Tea and Sweet Beans BOM so that I was only 3 months behind on that project.  Here is my hexie block which were hand pieced and was exceedingly easy to do ... I had been putting this off mainly because of the cutting out of the hexies.  Stitching them together was easy peasy,  could even get into stitching these together this way far easier than paper piecing.

The stitching girls and I are planning another sewing weekend in a couple of months, and will be staying in the same house we rented in July, can't wait hopefully I'll have Springtime Romance all finished by then, might be at the quilting stage with any luck.   But maybe it will be a hand piecing few days instead of lugging my machine.... I have plenty of those to go on with.

Want to check in on everyone else.  Head to Kate's to see how they went this week in the challenge.  

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Kate said...

Hopefully the head cold has gotten much, much better in the last couple of days. The hexie's turned out nicely. Love the border, your projects always make me wish I liked applique.