02 February 2021

15 Minute Challenge Birthdays and more

Mo turned 18 on Thursday, we had a nice dinner at a Vietnamese Restaurant to celebrate and she will have some friends over this weekend. She was hoping to have some fun in the pool and go to the beach but the weather is looking like it is going to be cool so she is going to have to make other plans.  She made her cake again this year.  It was pretty yum with a cheesecake base and vanilla cake layers.  

I've been progressing on the Quick Quilt BOM and I basted and started machine quilting the quilt on the weekend.  There has also been a few more crochet squares this last week so I'm pretty sure it was a 7 out of 7 week.  

Mo decided to get her learners permit (finally) but when we rang to book the test there is a 6-8 week wait due to Covid restriction.  So we needed to get her a proof of age so that she can get into places now she is 18.  Her boyfriend's band has their first gig in March so she needs proof of age to get into that.  Although she doesn't want to be an adult just yet it is kind of necessary to be one sometimes once reach 18.  

We went and saw a financial planner yesterday to find out if DH can retire soon, turns out he can but he has decided to wait another year now that Mo has finished High School just to see how our expenses go this year.  He can change his mind if work gets too much this year.  

So how has your week been.  Check with Kate to see how everyone is going.  My plan for the week is more quilting and I need to finish writing the pattern.  

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Kate said...

Happy belated birthday to Mo! Her cake does look really yummy. I smiled about the not ready to be an adult yet. The 22 year old still proclaims that as a college student she's still an adult in training and regularly proclaims that adulting is hard. Which is really a universal truth, adulting is sometimes very hard. Hope that you get in more stitching time this week.