05 July 2021

15 Minute Challenge, Restrictions Rolled Back and More Storage

We managed to avoid lockdown, the spread of the Delta strain in various state was avoided here.  The one case we had FIFO miner returning from his shift in the Northern Territory.  He and his family did the right thing when he heard that the Mine where he worked had Covid cases.  The entire family including a 4 month old baby all came down with it, but they stayed home got tested and were put into the Medi Hotel.  A couple of hundred people ended up going into quarantine but there have been no further cases apart from this one family.  NSW has not been so lucky, another 35 cases reported today, I'm grateful for our smaller population and people doing the right thing.  

The last couple of weeks I have been slowly cleaning out a couple of draw units in my sewing room so that I could replace them with a 4 x 4 box unit.  I finished most of the clean out on Thursday and DH and I put the unit together on Saturday.  I did all the draws but I needed help with the installation of the cupboard doors.  Before and after shots are below.  I was able to change a bit of my other storage around and throw out some more stuff that I don't want any more.  I think I will probably do some more clean up in the coming weeks.  That back wall of cupboards really needs going through and me deciding what I need and what needs to go.  

The draws in the 4 x 4 unit now hold all my machine threads.  There is also draw dedicated to zips and another to english paper piecing which I don't really enjoy but I can't bare to just throw out.  You never know might get the urge to return to it later.  

I put my knitting needles on display, I don't knit much (apart from the socks that I have just started) but I have both my mother's and grandmothers knitting needles they have been in a box on a shelf for years.  Putting them in a glass jar and on display is more practical and there were a few just hanging around because they were too long for the box and they all fit beautifully in the huge jar on top of the unit.   

A great discovery was my big cutting mat that I forgot was behind the old draws and I also found a few things that have been missing that I have been looking for which is always a good reason for a clean out.  

I did manage a 7 out of 7 this week as well as all this time spent cleaning out.  I'm up to the heel part of the sock (more Youtube watching will need to happen before I go on).  The binding is finished on Quick Quilt 3 but I need to remove basting tags before I take pictures and some more cross stitch was done.  

I think Quick Quilt 4 may be a bit delayed as work is taking it out of me at the moment, I haven't even thought about putting the quilt together or pulling fabrics.  I'll decide for sure next week I might just put the block up in August if I decide to delay it and do the quilt recipe in September.  

Hope you all had a good week.  Catch you next week you know the drill head to Kate's to see how every one is doing.  


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Kate said...

Glad that your part of the country has avoided lock down. We've not seen any additional restrictions, but cases are growing again. Looks like you did a lot of clean up. That always feels good. I'm focusing on cutting scraps right now. My sewing room needs a lot of attention, but I'm doing it a little at a time. Sorry work has been so busy. Hopefully that won't last much longer.