11 January 2022

15 Minute Challenge and Another Burst of Heat

Its +40c today so I have been sitting on top of a fan to keep cool.  My babies have been babied, there are pillow slips over the 2 hanging baskets to keep them from burning and DH has been walking around with a watering can to keep everything alive (Oh to be retired).

Returning back to work after a month has been a bit of a shock to the system but we have been directed to working from home for the month of January due to the Covid situation so there will be no driving so that gives me an extra half our either end of the working day.  Yesterday I drove into work picked up files and came home.  The building was deserted so I was quite happy to return home to work I don't feel safe working there when non of the other tenants are in the building.  

I made another pair of socks this week.  That is good going on the year of sock but I am only planning on knitting 1 pair a month so I am ahead now.    No sewing but I did potter in my sewing room a bit, putting things away and working out some more yarn storage.  I might go back to the stitchery tonight.  

Mo finished up her retail job Sunday which is a relief one less chance to catch Covid.  She isn't due for her booster until the end of the month.  Maestro had a near miss but has tested negative which was a week of worry we didn't need.  I will be nagging him to get his booster over the next couple of weeks.

Stay safe and check out the 15 minute challenge at Kate's.  


Kate said...

It's hard to be productive when it's so hot outside. Glad you are able to work from home. It's not an option in our offices, but we've got a lot of people out either with Covid or having to stay home because they've been exposed. The parking lot is amazingly empty. Hope this week was cooler and a bit less stressful for everyone.

dq said...

It is hard to think "hot" in my part of the world right now.
The flower is lovely!!!
Covid is running wild here as well. At least we live in a world where we can work from home.