31 January 2022

15 Minute Challenge the Still Hot and Humid

There was a couple of days in the last week I just couldn't get to the stitching so it is a 5/7 for this week.  

I did make masks for Maestro he has lost all his.     He has been suffering this week, after being told by the Orthodontist that should not be named that he didn't have wisdom teeth (when he was 15), he has been in major pain the last week with a wisdom tooth breaking through.  I managed to get some anaesthetic from the chemist to paint on.  It was like I was asking for major drugs,  had give name and age and address in order to get it.  When they were kids you use to be able to get that stuff off the shelf.  

Mo went to see an oral surgeon today, she has 3 to be removed but there is no rush just within next 12 months.  I wasn't allowed to go in with her (due to covid restrictions) which we didn't find out until we got there, so that was fun.  She hasn't even been to a normal dentist on her own, she was a bit shaken up but as there was a 40 minute wait to see the guy she said she pulled herself together. 

Maestro officially starts his apprenticeship this month (well the study side of it.  He has already worked the required hours at the restaurant for his whole apprenticeship.  As we were taking out the teeth/gum paint he told us to come to the restaurant for an early dinner and he cooked for us.   He did a great job. 

Sewing wise I have started the frame for the stitchery.  This is my 3rd or 4th attempt.  I have done a bias frame before but I just couldn't get it to work this time.  So I've ended up just covering the whole stitchery and cutting the frame away.  I can use the centre and outside cutaway  for appliqué so it isn't that big a deal but I would have liked a scrappy frame that I can only really achieve with a bias strip.  The edge of the frame is a free drawn wavy edge.  

I signed up for a crochet CAL and we were given one of the border blocks to start on.  I used a 5mm hook for the multi coloured block but it feels too lacy.  The 2nd block is with a 4mm which is what I will go with and I am going to replace the teal yarn with the darker purple I used on the 2nd block I will probably need another ball of that but I can order it down the track.  The colour way I am doing has 2 versions of the square.   The CAL doesn't officially start till March so there is plenty of time yet.   

I think this will be the year of multiple starts we will have to see how many things I actually finish.  

Head to Kate's to see everyone's progress

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Kate said...

Wisdom teeth issues are no fun. So is Maestro going to have them taken out now? Sorry you missed a couple of days of stitching, but some weeks are that way. Love the stitchery, it's beautiful. That frame really shows it off. Hope you were able to get in more stitching time this week.