04 January 2022

15 Minute Challenge and Bunkering Down

Happy New Year to everyone.  We are just bunkering down, keeping going out to the minimum and hoping for the best that we don't catch this thing but it is pretty much everywhere now.  

Mo finally resigned from her retail and promptly got a couple of orders for some pottery, so she said it must be fate.  She has her final shifts this weekend.  She has been working on polymer clay earrings for her "market store".  I want her to make some things to be used a pin keeps but I need to source some suitable magnets to put on the back.  We have just come back from a flying visit to the art store for more clay and I get the feeling she is busy creating.

I finished a pair of socks yesterday and am toying with doing a year of socks .... don't ask me when I am going to fit that in but I like the idea of making stripy socks which will be my next sock adventure, though I have another sock half made that needs to be complete, that probably won't stop me starting the stripy sock set soon though.    

I have had a rest from my stitchery, I'm a bit worried that I might not be able to get the threads again in a timely manner.  Mo needs to do some more drawing for me for the next stitchery and I want to settle on some small motives.  I don't think the BOM will be starting for a while as the embroidery will take time to finish and it will be safer to have them all completed before heading into the piecing.  

Last years Quick Quilts are now finished the final quilt will be available till the end of January.  I am going to post today the Deer Folk Sampler Instructions.  If you have downloaded all the quick quilts you have all you need to finish your sampler.   I have decided to keep that free on the blog forever and I might see if I can maybe combine all the quick quilts into one entry on my shop later in the year.  

Here are my Christmas Babies.  I have always loved fuchsias but haven't really got a spot for them but I decided I couldn't live without them any longer.  We used to have lots in a big shade house at our first home. They are temporarily on our veranda and DH is going to build a shade house for their permanent home... one of his many retirement projects.  There is no rush I will just have to baby them for a bit, I must be doing something right because all but one has flower buds on it today I potted them all into bigger pots.  Can't wait to see what they look like, it was a mystery batch of doubles.  Expect more update photos in the future.

Kate has started the 15 minute challenge again this year, its a great way to keep your creative stitching going and I'll be joining in again this year.  



Frédérique said...

Fun socks, and pretty embroidery! Happy New Year ;)

Kate said...

I understand the hunker down thing, we are back to if you are walking, you are wearing (a mask) at work. Thankfully cases at our location are low, but not at other sites. If your emboridery is off of one of Mo's drawings, you could certainly help her market those in addition to her pottery. Fingers crossed her shop takes off. Happy stitching. Be safe, stay well!