17 January 2022

15 Minute Challenge and too much Cricket

 I've watched more cricket in the last couple of weeks than I ever had, mind you it has manly been just background noise while I knitted, sewed or crocheted.  Maestro is an avid fan, DH not so much but they  had tickets to the BBL this year.  Unfortunately because Maestro was a close contact after New Years  and then having to pick up extra shifts at work they only managed to go to one match.  Quite a number of matches were rescheduled due to Covid within the teams.    As we have some hot weather DH has even been watching the Ashes while trying to stay cool.  He's going to try and talk Maestro into not getting tickets next year and just watching it at home.  

Working from home has been fine, DH has worked out how to stay scarce while I work so I can do phone calls and get my hours done, after 2 years I have the working from home down pat now.  The boss is on leave at the moment we are still pretty quiet but things will ramp up pretty quickly in the next couple of weeks.  

I've started a new pair of socks (they have been unpicked twice) but I think I have them straight now.  Mo was going to wear her short socks the other day but has decided that the band needed to be longer but they would be ok for wearing around the house. I decided after my 2nd unpick to increase the length of the band.    I also picked up the book Happily Knitting Socks which has another heel option that I need to look into(see if I can find a video).  I'm trying a new heel with these colour work socks which is a bit scary but I love the look, you don't knit them until the end so fingers crossed they will turn out ok.  

I've been working on the stitchery, but I haven't been sleeping all that well lately so I haven't managed a lot in the evening but I'm slowly getting there.  I need to get Mo to work on the next one and think about how I'll frame this one.    

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Kate said...

The stitchery is coming along beautifully. I never learned to knit, so any of that craft is a complete mystery to me. Hopefully, you'll get back into the groove at work and you'll have more energy for stuff in the evenings. Though if it's hot, that can sap your energy too. Happy stitching this week.