03 April 2022

15 Minute Challenge and More MIA

 Although I have been absent I have been keeping up with my 15 minute challenge.  I think there was only 1 or 2 days over the 2 weeks where I didn't manage to sit and stitch (cross stitch) or crochet, no quilting though I have just lost the quilting mojo.  I think it will come back but I just don't have the urge to sit behind the machine at the moment.  

2 weeks ago I was asked to go to a conference for work as one of the people going from interstate got Covid.  The first event was a big cocktail party 10 minutes in I nearly ran home.... too many people in close proximity many from interstate where numbers are rife no body wearing a mask.  It was on a balcony so pretty much outdoors and I was careful about only taking food from the servers directly from the cooking stations and not from servers walking around the crowd.  I only went to a couple of talks the next day.   I managed to stay away from Covid, though my boss got it, but he thinks he may have picked it up from his mum and they both tested positive on the same day.  He was only in the office a short time that week and I had left for the day.  

I returned to the office on Friday and thorough Glen 20'd every surface and sprayed everything with alcohol all over the bosses desk/keyboard and phone.  He is allowed to return to work on Monday.  Last week was so busy we had our biggest client due and also one of the large Vic clients that we are still looking after.  Both these practices are very demanding and paperwork has to be double checked and triple checked.  By Friday I finally felt like things were under control again, but running the monthly report found out that we had 10 new policies which means next year March will be more busy again.  We are going to have to search for new office space because we are going to need to take on another body and no young person will want to work in our pokey little office with no social interaction that the boss and I don't care about.  

So what have I been after craft wise.  The Spincushion Cal started, 2 weeks to get to row 20, I think I am up to row 15, a whole week to get the next 5 rows done.  

I finished the light purple square and have started a dark purple one for the other impromptu blanket I decided to make.  I love the purple square and that was a previous CAL that I have the pattern for so I am thinking I will make a nice big blanket for Maestro in wool instead of cotton.  I just got Bendigo Wool Mills 2022 shade card and they have added some nice manly shades that will go with his bedroom.  

I've been working on my easter cross stitch kits that I got last year.  I will need to head to the sewing machine to finish the bunny and hopefully the eggs before easter still got a bit of stitching to go on the egg.   Might need to head out and find an easter basket to display them all.  

Mo got a letter from the university this week.  She has been awarded a Chancellors Commendation as being in the top something % of students sorry bit vague on the figure as the letter just got waved at me.  She will be invited to join some academic group which will give her a chance at scholarships and hopefully will look good on her resume.  She says she hope she isn't expected to get great marks this years as she doesn't think she is going as well though she is probably just being modest she is definitely putting in the work.   Lastly is the back wall of Mo's pottery shed, with finished and drying pots.  She has been also working on jewellery from resin and polymer clay. 

Head to Kate's to see how everyone is going in my absence.  


Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi, love all your crochet. I finished my Attic 24 Yuletide blanket just in time to put it away for spring, LOL. Also like that cross stitched bunny...very cute. So glad you are healed. Happy Stitching to you from me in Canada!

Kate said...

Sounds like a very busy couple of weeks at work. Hopefully everyone is well and stays that way. Covid cases are way down here, so fingers crossed we've seen the worst of it. Love all your bright and colorful yarn pieces, you've got some very fun projects in the works. Congratulations to Mo! Sounds like she's doing really well on the school front. Happy playing with some type of needle and thread this week.