07 November 2008

Craft Fair Report

I have been told that my blog is a bit boring because there are no pictures (not mentioning names here), the fact is that I have to edit photo's on my other computer and it makes it not as easy as it use to be until I get elements on the laptop which may be a little while so quick picture is a bit harder but I will endeavor to get a bit more eye candy on the page in future LOL. 

Here is my purchases from the craft fair.  2 Silk Caps to make fabric bowls.  A new thimble from the Thimblelady (first purchase of the day).  A new wire cutter for my beading (I mangled mine trying to cut something I shouldn't have (can't remember what now).  Lovely pear tree ornie just divine and had to have it from the Christmas deco stall.  Fabric from Sarah at Quilt Fabric Delights.  The coloured scissors are cheap embroidery scissors that we try and stock up on every year because they are super sharp and you can just throw them in with your project and chuck them out when they are blunt.  Silk yarn to hand dye in what ever colour I need (got last skein and a ball of hand spun hemp thread I thought this would be a good prim thread.   And a christmas stitchery pattern because you can't leave the fair without one.

I took heaps and heaps of photo's of the quilt show but there were signs everywhere that you can't publish anything on the web so I can't show you my favourites.  I don't quite understand the judging though there was one piece that was absolutely breathtaking in the art quilt section and it didn't get a prize and some of the other selections were a bit well......  The best of show quilts from around Australia where magnificent especially one where they explained how many hours it took to complete (4 years work) and what was done by hand and machine, it was applique which metallic thread hand couched around all the pieces it was the most beautiful quilt.


Gail said...

I Love your blog!!! great shopping at the quilt fair!

Rustic Tarts said...

Love the fabric that you bought Amanda, especially the yellow piece - gorgous pattern. I bought that same pattern a couple of years ago and have I done it yet...no!
Looks like you had a good day - has it shrunk in size (ie no of stalls??)

Sue said...

Lovely to see a picture on your blog!!!! Great shopping ... you have a few treasures there Im sure. It was a good day.
Cheers S