03 November 2008

Craft Fair

I managed to sneak away from the 5 year olds birthday party which was looking like being impossible but with the first scream  from the Birthday girl (which was just wonderful bouncing off the hosts wooden floor NOT) I decided that it was very important that I get out of there so at the first opportunity I told DD that she didn't need me and bolted for the door.   This gave me 2+ hours on my own to do with as I liked so off I went to the sewing room and got on to the ornies for the Christmas Ornie Swap.  So while watching Northanger Abbey I cut, stuck glued and arranged to get my 9 ornies finished.    When the kids went to bed I finished them so I am way ahead of schedule.  Just got to fix something to hang them with and organise the wrapping and tag.

Yesterday I got out the Friends Guide to the Craft and Quilt Fair which starts on Thursday to give it a good study.   I printed off the list of exhibitors to sort out my plan of attack.  I see that the Thimblelady is going to be there so I might invest in another thimble because I can't sew without the one I have and there have been a few times when I have lost it and I have been absolutely beside myself until I had recovered it.  Unique Stitching is another must (Mixed Media Supplies) and of course Quilt Fabric Delights.  I have picked out 3 workshops that I would like to attend, two beading and one mixed media.  Might not get there will have to discuss with Sue.  And I have a little shopping list which I have just thought of something more to add to it.


Daisy Jayne said...

Two great minds think alike, picked out my classes.... I would like to attend ........might see you there

mellyandrosie said...

Sounds like you will have heaps of fun at the craft fair! Say hello to sarah from quilt fabric delights for me! Love your blog!
Rosalie xx