12 June 2009

Off to Brissy

I am in the midst of a busy couple of days, which wasn't helped by 3 hours at the hair dressers which when I look in the mirror this morning was a total waste.  Yes the roots are not showing as much but I didn't get what I wanted.  I wanted more dark and I have GIGANTIC streaks of blond right at my part which mean I will be looking like a skunk in a week.   I SAID I wanted more dark streaks... ugggggg.  Do I sound stressed I a think I am a little...Hate it when my hair gets stuffed up.  

Today I have work and then home for a couple of hours to finish packing then get the kids fed and off to Nannas then I am going to my first Jewellery making course tonight which finishes at 10pm....really bad timing... Next try and get to bed and sleep and wake up at 4am for the 6am flight that I decided I had to be on.  I picked the 6am flight because it is the only direct flight to Brisbane other wise it is 4 hour at least with stop overs which I didn't want to do.

I plan to see the markets in brisbane but I will be at the whim of my sister who is not into anything craft like so it might not happen.  Hopefully I will at least get some good photo's.


Rustic Tarts said...

Have a lovely time Amanda.

Leanne said...

Have a great time in QLD Amanda waiting to see the produce from the Jewellery making course. There is always only 2 weeks between and a good and a bad visit to the hairdresser. LOL

Lorraine said...

Have a wonderful time in Brissy! I know what you mean about hating bad hair appointments! My haidresser has just left and might have to follow her to her new salon! It will mean travelling a bit further but worth it I think! Hope you get to the markets and will be looking forward to seeing some of your class projects from the jewellery making class...sounds like fun..!