01 June 2020

15 Minute Challenge - Do I Want it to Go Back to Normal

We haven't been in heavy lockdown like other states and there is only 1 active case in the state and that was an overseas traveller who was let in on compassionate grounds last week, but I'm not comfortable heading out into the big wide world.  People are complacent, if I need to be somewhere I go in and get out as quick as I can.  I am still shopping early so that I'm not in large crowds, I ventured to the shops on Sunday afternoon for a quick purchase for Maestro and there were just too many people I managed my purchase without getting near anyone and then headed straight home.

Maestro is back at work, he was spent after 3 double shifts he didn't even have a 12 hour break between one of them and slept most of Saturday and even went to bed early which is highly unusual for him.  Shows what 2 and a bit months on nothing much does to the system.  This week he has single shifts but that means heading across town and back 5 times this week.  Everyone is eager to go and eat in a restaurant apparently.... not this little black duck.

I have done lots of stitching this week.  My first Blackbird Design project is finished, I also finished marking the last of the appliqué on my piece of linen and started more stitching.  So it is a 7 out of 7 for me.

Head Office want everyone back to Pre Covid work arrangements by 1 July which may mean I need to do 3 days at work and only 1 at home but we will play it by ear and see what happens 2 and 2 is working out for us at the moment.

Mo made a cake for her boyfriend for his birthday and took it to his family dinner.  I think it was a hit.  And so was the keyboard bag, but apparently he got another keyboard for his birthday.  I said to her I wasn't up for another bag for a bit but she said that this one isn't a portable kind so no bag required. I'm sure there will be more instruments though so I am sure we will be designing something else down the track.  That kid had better get a job to feed his musical habit.

Hows your stitching going this week.  Cant wait to sit in front of the box and do some tonight myself.


chrisknits said...

Lovely projects all! And that cake! Oh My!!! She is a master!

Kate said...

The stitchery turned out beautifully! The applique looks great too. Mo's cake looks very yum! I hear you about going back to normal. There are still new cases each week, but the rate of infection has slowed, even with the reopening of things. Though like you, we aren't keen to eat out and shopping is pretty curtailed. I braved the quilt shop, but went early, got what I needed and left quickly when a couple of women entered who apparently didn't believe in social distancing.